Name:Wu Hao
Position:General Manager of Greater China (Business & Marketing)
Company:Epic Games

Wu Hao serves as General Manager (Business & Marketing) of Epic Games Greater China. Possessing over 16 years’ experience, Wu Hao has been in charge of licensing business of Unreal Engine in the Greater China and Southeast Asia regions since the era of Unreal Engine 2 and Unreal Engine 3. In 2015, Epic Games established its wholly-owned subsidiary in China. Under Wu Hao’s leadership, Epic Games China's newly-formed licensing, Technical Support, and Marketing team have introduced the increasingly improved Unreal Engine to more content developers. Over 100 companies in Greater China and Southeast Asia have signed commercial licenses with Epic Games China to date and more than 100 games have been developed through Unreal Engine and launched into the market. Meanwhile, a growing number of independent developers and small to medium sized teams have started utilizing Unreal Engine for their projects.

 Besides, the Unreal Engine Community has flourished quickly, with the number of Chinese users standing among the highest of global user list. The application scope extends from traditional PC games, mobile platform games, console games, and VR content of various kinds to enterprise applications such as film and animation production, architectural visualization, and automobile performance. Especially in the visualization and VR fields, unreal engine has become developers' first choice. At the same time, Wu Hao is also focusing on industrial development and talent cultivation in the Greater China and Southeast Asia regions, striving to create a more favorable Unreal Engine ecosystem in this market.