Name:Daniel Robson
Position:Chief Editor
Company:IGN Japan

Daniel Robson is the Chief Editor of IGN Japan. Born in England and a resident of Japan since 2006, Daniel has 20 years of experience in pop-culture media. Starting out as a music Journalist and editor in London for the likes of NME, Q, Mixmag, Smash Hits! and BBC Worldwide, he moved to Tokyo to cover music, videogames and other elements of Japanese pop culture for The Japan Times, The Guardian,  Edge, Official PlayStation Magazine, MTV and dozens more. After a period working as Community Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment’s Japan Studio from 2014, Daniel returned to media in 2016, joining Japanese news leader Sankei Digital to launch IGN Japan. Introducing Japanese pop culture to English-speaking countries through both his writing work and booking overseas tours for Japanese bands, and now introducing overseas games and movies to a Japanese audience, Daniel has a keen interest in sharing local culture with a global audience. At IGN Japan, Daniel runs the editorial team to publish best-in-class videogame and movie coverage 365 days a year, and also hosts video content such as flagship gaming series Shaberisugi GAMER (Chatterbox Gamers) and movie series Ginmaku ni Popcorn (Popcorn & The Silver Screen), as well as producing content in English for the global IGN site. He is also involved with Gaming Passport, a consultancy service operated by Sankei Digital that promotes Japanese games to a global audience.