Position:Partner&Director of Content Center

Flynn, the partner and director of Content Center in Codemao, also a senior in Media, has acted as the chief editor of "Comicfans", Tianwen Kadokawa Animation and Comics Co., Ltd., YY Mutual’s entertainment business department and other well-known ACG enterprises. Founded in Shenzhen in March 2015, Codemao proves to be China's largest coding Education Platform for children and has independently developed the famous graphic programming tool platform in China,Including 2D Graphical Programming Creation Platform “Kitten Editor”,3D Graphical Programming Creation Platform “Code Island”and Teaching & Learning Management Cloud Platform “Future Classroom”. By learning Codemao, young children can easily create fantastic projects of games, softwares, cartoons, interactive stories and other works, they also practice their abilities of logical thinking, task dismantling, interdisciplinary integration, aesthetics and teamwork etc., so as to establish a solid foundation of STEAM discipline. Since its establishment, the company has cooperated with more than 8000 primary and secondary schools in 11 countries around the world, with more than 12 million platform users, and has rapidly grown into a leading brand in China's children coding education field.