Name: Han Yun
Position: VicePresident of Marketing
Company: Production Supervisor

Graduated from Fudan University, Han has been immersed in the subject of factual television throughout her career. She has directed and produced documentaries of varies genres and on a wide range of subjects including award-winning literature documentary film ‘Deng Xiaoping and Shanghai’, a ten-part docuseries ‘A New Tibet’, and a nature documentary ‘Kashgar’. Han has also been successful in producing commercial documentaries, such as ‘The Shuangyu Island’, ‘Quantum of the Seas’ and ‘Banquets of China’. After joining Yunji, Han began producing ‘The Tale of Chinese Medicine (2016)’, a poetic docuseries on the culture and inheritance of Chinese medicine which was awarded The Best Documentary Series at the 7th Beijing International Film Festival and Top 10 Documentary Films Award of the 11th China Documentary International Film Selection Conference. Then the second season ‘Herbal China (2017)’ was nominated to one of the most prestigious prizes in China’s television industry, the Xing Guang Award.