Name:Shiyong Wang
Company:2:10 Culture Spreading Co., Ltd.

Mr. Wang Shiyong, the founder and CEO of 2:10 Culture Spreading Co., Ltd., serves as the outstanding expert of the Ministry of Culture, the excellent entrepreneurship mentor of the Ministry of Education as well as the evaluation expert of the emblem and mascot of the 7th CISM World Games. His 3D painting Classical Girl won a body of international awards, and was included in such world authoritative animation yearbooks as EXPOSE 7 and D'artiste Character Modeling 3. In 2007, Mr. Wang established 2:10, and created 60-odd popular animation IPs, whose cumulative hits have reached more than 6 trillion, and the majority of which have been awarded as the Brands in National Animation Brand Protection Plan. I’m Joybo, the first affectional animation created by Mr. Wang pioneered “the two dimension IP mode combined with consumer goods”, and became the classic marketing case of all commodity brands, thus being rated as the City Image of Chongqing by Chongqing Municipality. The 3D animation Seya Wolf was invested by Youku, becoming one of the Super S Level Programs of Youku. It not only gained much praise in the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, but also held the top rank in many TV stations and websites the moment it was broadcasted.