Name:Xiaoxu Lu
Company:Xiaoxu Music

Lu xiaoxu, founder of xiaoxu music brand, famous music producer. Led xiaoxu music to grow into the largest music content creation company in China with nearly 100 employees and spanning four cities after 13 years of development. Luxiaoxu have been learning the piano, has been to pursue advanced study in sichuan conservatory of music composing, the early "shui mu nian hua" music producer, has compiled published ten tallies CubaseSX&Nuendo computer music making and computer music technology (tsinghua university press), mostly as a university teaching materials in this field at present, is one of the computer music technology pioneers in China. Since 2012, lu xiaoxu has been one of the students of dark horse training camp phase 6, lenovo star phase 7, yajie cradle plan phase 11 and chaos entrepreneurship camp phase 1.Lead xiaoxu music to obtain two rounds of investment from listed companies in 2014 and 16, and is one of the well-known brands in the field of music in China