Name:Chenwei Liu
Company:Hangzhou WangYao Network Technology Co., Ltd.

The Banciyuan co-founder got his master degree from School of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences of Wuhan University in 2012. He joined the Banciyuan team and be responsible for business work since 2014. He has been interacting with Blizzard Entertainment, Tencent Entertainment, NetEase Games, Xishanju, Shanda Games,Shueisha Inc., Prodution I.G and other well-known ACG companies,who has hosted more than 100 cooperation activities with famous IP such as " Onmyoji", " Arena of Valor", "Love Live", " Aotu World ", " Identity V ", "League of Legends", "JX Online 3"’  Fox spirit matchmaker ", " Big Fish & Begonia", " Scroll Of Taiwu" and " Miracle Nikki ". As a senior ACG practitioner, he can be qualified for Chinese UGC fan creation marketing and operation field pioneer who has rich experience in this field.