Name:Jie Chen (Man Man)
Position:Co-founder & COO
Company:Hangzhou Dimensionsal Culture &Creativity Ltd.

Co-founder of 304 Cultural Brand and COSMOS Idol Boy Band

Former project executive of Sina VSHOW, supervisor of artists, and broker of 9158 Artists Development Center

Producer: micro-films《Everyone of Nirvana in Fire》 , and《LOVE O2O》

Network movies 《Shuang Cheng》, 《Flying Clouds over Four Seas》, and 《Cohabiting Couple and Saucer man-turned Dog》      

Network mini series 《NPC’s Romance Strategy》 

Publisher: 《Changgexiang’s Geweiyang》, 《COS Series of Notes of Robbing Tombs》, 《Phoenix Flying High in the Sky》,《Encountering Huang Jingxiang at the Quadratic Element》, 《Douluo Continent》 , 《Songs of Jian’an》, 《Celebrities and Super Stars》, 《A Beautiful Couple》, 《A Journey of Lights》, and 《The King's Avatar》