Name:Yuuki Yu
Company:Gamera Game

In 2016, Mr. Yu started Indielight as a co-founder. He is in charge of Indielight’s strategic decisions, daily operations, event planning among other tasks.

He's committed to serving global indie game developers, discovering quality indie games, and incubating outstanding indie game development teams.

In 2018, he also started Gamera Game as a co-founder, a company that focuses on publishing indie games worldwide. He's in charge of the team's strategic deployment including marketing strategies and business development. Gamera has published a variety of popular games including: BQM - BlockQuest Maker-, Amazing Cultivation Simulator, Paper Dolls Original, many more. With extensive experience with player communities and the market in general. The company aims to provide an all-round service to the developer, let more people know and discover awesome indie games through the overall marketing solution.