Name:Anita Chow
Position:Vice President
Company:Shenzhen Holatek Co.,Ltd

Anita Chow, Vice President of Shenzhen HOLATEK Development Co., Ltd.

As the former CMO of JMGO Laser TV, she successfully built a brand marketing system from 0 to 1. Promoted from a salesman to CHO, she cultivated a number of directors and also managed the company's operations.

JMGO specializes in smart projection and laser TV equipment research and development, winning the investment of Fortune Capital, IDG, Star VC, Green Pine Capital Partners, G.B. Holdings and 36Kr in A, B, C and D rounds from 2014 to 2018. In 2019, JMGO wins the first at 618 Tmall brands and single store sales, and is also selected as the only projection brand on "Hurun China Future Unicorns 2019 Q1" in the same year.

As a continuous entrepreneur, she has opened two companies, published the best-selling book "Anxin’s Travel as a Volunteer", and filmed a documentary on the Travel Channel. She traveled in 32 countries, being selected as the “Asian New Sharp” by the Weekend Pictorial.