Name:Dongfeng Wang
Position:Chairman of the Board & CEO
Company:Forgame Holdings Limited

Wang Dongfeng has entered the Internet industry since 1999 and has accumulated rich experience after 19 years of precipitation. Since 2005, 12 years of continuous entrepreneurial experience, covering online music, online magazines, online game distribution and other industries, has enabled him to accurately judge the development trend of related industries. Mr. Wang specializes in enterprise positioning, team building, operation and mechanism establishment, and has created innovative modes in many industries, making him a well-known Internet marketing expert and one of the outstanding representatives of many Internet entrepreneurs.

In 2004, Mr. Wang founded Zcom, China's first e-magazine platform, as CEO, and turned Zcom into an e-magazine platform which received many awards. Zcom's registered users covered many countries in North America, Southeast Asia and other regions, becoming one of the largest e-magazine distribution platforms in China then. In 2005, Zcom received an investment from Carlyle Capital and SIG.

In 2006, Wang Dongfeng and Cai Wensheng cooperated in the investment of eMule VeryCD, acquired FlashGet and some other projects. Later, he also participated in the establishment of several leading companies such as 4399 Games and Meitu, in the form of angel investment.

In 2009, Wang Dongfeng and four partners co-founded Forgame Group and served as Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Group, entering the field of online game development and distribution. Mr. Wang spent around four years getting Forgame from a startup to go public. In October 2013, Forgame's successful listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange broke the frozen status of game industry in the capital market for several years, making other game companies see the dawn of listing.

In 2019, Forgame announced the launch of its escalation in game business by acquiring a 19.9% stake of Allied E-sports (Lian Meng Dian Jing), and expanded the game business layout to VR field by acquiring a 69.84% stake of Watermelon Entertainment (Xi Gua Hu Yu), providing Forgame with integrated online-offline resources and new thoughts for the future.